A Brand New Hybrid Game Console


The rapid development of technology provides many impacts on various aspects of life. One of these impacts can be seen from the world of gaming. Some time ago, one of the leading game console manufacturers, Nintendo, had just released an innovation in playing console games, with the release of the Nintendo Switch.

What is Nintendo Switch?

We can say that Nintendo Switch is the latest breakthrough in the world of gaming consoles. This is the latest Nintendo console, which is the result of a hybrid home console with a portable console. So, in short, Nintendo Switch can be used to play home console games like the predecessor, the Nintendo Wii, and can also be used to play portable games like 3DS.

Flagship Features of Nintendo Switch

What makes Nintendo Switch different from other game consoles? The answer is the 2 in 1 feature that is carried by the Nintendo Switch. If you are a gamer with high mobility, then this product is perfect for you.

Why is that? This is because the Nintendo Switch is specifically designed to be the leading console in its class. This console can be used at home, like an ordinary console, but we can also play it on the go as a portable console.

When you are relaxing at home, you can connect the Nintendo switch to your TV, and then play your favorite game to your heart’s content. And when you travel, it’s time to continue your favorite game in portable mode.

What makes this game a home console as well as a portable console is a technology applied to the game controller on the Nintendo Switch, which is named Joy-Con. Joy-Con is not just any ordinary joystick, but this game controller can be used as needed.

If you want to play a Nintendo Switch game in your home, just attach Joy-Con to the grip to use it as a conventional joystick. Or, depending on the game, you can also use ‘half’ Joy-Con for remote control games, and share other Joy-Con parts with your colleagues.

Furthermore, when you play in portable mode, you can attach Joy-Con on both sides of the Nintendo Switch which is also a monitor with a touchscreen. Of course, this will add to your gaming experience.

What’s in the Box?

In every purchase of a Nintendo Switch unit, users will get a complete package from the Nintendo Switch. All components are sold together and no components are sold separately. You will get a Nintendo Switch console, Nintendo Switch dock, Joy-Con game controller, Joy-Con grip and Joy-Con strap.

The Nintendo Switch dock is used to connect the Nintendo Switch to an HD TV. In the dock, there are 2 USB ports on the side, and 1 on the back, an HDMI port, an AC adapter port to connect to a power source and a system connector.

Meanwhile, the Joy-Con grip and strap are complementary accessories to the Joy-Con game controller, which grips are used as a Joy-Con holder to use it as a traditional joystick, while the strap is used to equip Joy-Con when used as a Nintendo remote controller.

How much is Nintendo Switch?

Talking about price, actually, the price offered by Nintendo for one unit of Nintendo Switch is not expensive. If we look at and consider the various features of the Nintendo Switch and its many advantages, then the price that is priced for the Nintendo Switch is relatively cheap.

Nintendo Switch is produced in 2 color variants, namely Gray and Neon Blue-Neon Red. The difference has a significant price difference even though it is only different in color. To enjoy this hybrid console, we only need to spend money starting from $ 299.99 for the Gray Nintendo Switch, and $ 359.99 for other variants.