Anne Pro 2 Review: the Convenient Mechanical Keyboard

Anne Pro 2

You may want to check out Anne Pro 2 review if you are looking for a portable and convenient keyboard for your needs – whether it is for working or for playing games. This keyboard has been claimed as one of the best (mechanical) keyboards that deliver great flexibility for both playing and working, especially if you are on the move. But is it really that good?

About Anne Pro Keyboard

The Anne Pro 2 keyboard is the better version of Anne Pro 1, developed with better features. It has a wired connection and Bluetooth 4.0 support as well as each RGB lighting and various Gateron switches. And the best thing about Anne Pro 2 is that it is no longer coming with hardware or software issues. The keyboard even comes with better hardware and software for improved typing functions and overall use.

Some of the key features to like about this keyboard are:

  • The built-in battery
  • The support for Bluetooth 4.0 – along with the various profiles
  • 60% keyboard
  • USB-C port – for the wired use
  • Kailh and Gateron switch options
  • Bluetooth switch – for convenient on and off


Anne Pro 2 Design

If you read Anne Pro 2 review, you will see that it has similar construction with Pro 1. However, you need to take a closer look as the Pro 2 comes with more switches. Moreover, you should be able to find a switch for Bluetooth, located on the bottom side of the keyboard. If you explore the keyboard more, you should find that AP2 has the extra function keys (designed for better control options) and FN2 is designed for lighting and Bluetooth controls. In short, this keyboard has a better convenience and a nicer feel to it.


One of the main important aspects of this keyboard’s comfort is the software. The original keyboard was coming packing with Obins software, designed for mobile devices and Windows. It needed a connection (Bluetooth type) to work. But even after you had connected it, it wasn’t smooth or intuitive. It’s a good thing that the company decided to develop the software and they started to use ObinsLab Starter. The software is greatly improved and you will find it super easy to set the keyboard up now. You should be able to find various tabs to adjust the special settings, key layout, lighting, firmware, and even to create macros.

Overall Functions

Overall Functions

This would be the best and most ideal keyboard for gamers, especially if they want to be more productive. Since you can pair this keyboard with other external devices, you should be able to enjoy more flexibilities and freedom in managing your work. This mechanical keyboard has a sturdy feel to it – and it is pretty simple for traveling too. The combination of features, weight, and size make it great for both home usage needs as well as your traveling companion.

In the overall function of Anne Pro 2 review, expect to be wowed by it. The keyboard has undergone much better improvement and the device is proven to be super responsive. The fact that it packs Bluetooth switch for the on and off is also nice because you can efficiently save the battery. If you want a punchy and powerful keyboard that is also handy for on the go, you should pick this device. Based on Anne Pro 2 review, you won’t regret buying one.