How To Get More Likes From Instagram Captions

Likes From Instagram Captions

Instagram captions are as essential as the pictures you post. While pictures delivering what you want people to see, captions make it more understandable. The more people understand your meaning, the more they would like your post. Eventually, they would glad to see your pictures and even wait for the news.

Get More Likes From Instagram Captions

But how, exactly, to make Instagram captions that earn you more likes? Here are some things you can do.

Set The Target

First and foremost question you have to answer: What is your goal to make an IG account? You can aim for more friends or even popularize your business. Whatever it is, make sure you know what kind of people you want to become your followers. In short, you must set the target.

For example, you’re a newborn fashion designer who wants to introduce your creativity to the world. Then, you have to make captions that show how keen you are in designing clothes. Mention the reasons you make the design, what ideal materials to be used, etc.

Learn About Your Followers

After setting the target, you must learn about who’s people following you. If possible, you can stalk their IG. Is this illegal? No, according to me, if they not private their account. However, if you have some followers react to your posts, don’t hesitate to reply to them. Be kind, especially if you’re still building your popularity.


In this phase, you need to be patient, indeed. But remember to always post regularly, wait for the response. And once you get it, you can use the responses to research your followers,

Use Concise Captions

According to the dictionary, “concise” means saying many things in a few words. This is exactly what you have to accustom. Don’t make your followers fall asleep by endless speech. Once you do that, they would swipe your post right away before even like it.

Many IG influencers said their like decreases when they make caption with more than 50 words. So make sure you can express many things as simple as possible.

Add Relatable Hashtags

This tip might be tricky. Still, it’s not a fault for you to apply it. When you want to get more likes, make sure your post can reach people as many as possible. To do this, you can add more hashtags on the captions. However, make sure you just add hashtags that are related to what you share. It’s exaggerating (also embarrassing) if you use #GoGreen hashtag for fashion posts, right?

Write (Only) Attractive Things

What does it mean actually, to become attractive? Many people define it differently. But in this article, what I mean “attractive” is surely for your followers. If you used to post smart and inspiring things, for example. It will disturb your followers if suddenly you said meaningless things. Be consistent with how you behave and interact with your followers. If you could do so, your followers will be more engaged. At last, you would get more likes.

It is all the tip to get more likes from Instagram captions. The key to connect with followers is the captions you use. If you can post beautiful things and write powerful captions, there’s no reason you couldn’t get more likes.

8 Steps Of How To Hide Likes On Facebook

Facebook Like

Sometimes people used to like some page. But maybe you don’t want people to know what you’ve been liked before. Now, hiding it is possible, here are some steps of how to hide likes on facebook.

Reliable Antivirus for Your PC and Laptop

Antivirus Software

When you spend most of your times working in front of the computer and staying connected to the internet, you know that you need a good and reliable antivirus for your own sake. Although some people may think that they don’t need any antivirus protection or whatsoever, be sure that you do need one. There are some good reasons why you may need to depend on it.

Who Needs an Antivirus?

Basically, everyone needs a solid and reliable antivirus, no matter what type it is or what brand it is. These days, the technology is the perfect entrance for malicious malware or virus to infiltrate your system. If you don’t have the defense against such a thing, then you are helpless.

If you think that you will be protected just because you have never downloaded anything, then you are hugely mistaken. Most (innocent) computer users believe that they will be extra safe if they don’t visit suspicious websites or if they don’t download anything. The truth is that the virus can always find a way to reach your system. In fact, they are able to develop ways to find the smallest crack or loophole in your system, ready to attack whenever necessary. Do you know that the virus can find a way to your system when you are checking the mail or when you simply sticking the flash drive to your computer?

The reason why you need a solid antivirus is to protect your system –and your personal requirements. When your system is protected, you won’t have to worry about the system’s safety or integrity. You won’t have to worry that you will lose your precious data or sensitive information. You won’t have to worry that the computer may break down – resulting in a huge repair bill. In the end, it is always better to prevent than to fix – and the same thing also goes to protecting your computer and its system.

Smadav as One Important Protective Tool


Basically, there are tons of other antivirus software that you can try, but if you are looking for a small but powerful software, then Smadav 2020 Free Antivirus is the answer. This is especially important when you often connect the computer with other external devices, such as the flash drive.

You see, Smadav is created to be the additional antivirus software that should be combined with other antivirus programs. If you already have your main antivirus program, then adding Smadav into your system will strengthen the security system. What if you want to use Smadav as your main antivirus program? Unfortunately, this software may not be the right choice for it. Despite its reputation as a reliable antivirus, Smadav may not have the important features that can provide full protection and security measurement. As it was mentioned before, Smadav is designed as an additional program so it shouldn’t be used as the main program.

Final Words

Basically, you are free to choose whatever antivirus program that fits your requirements. But when it comes to choosing an additional program that can add the protection aspect, then Smadav as the reliable antivirus can be a perfect option.

How To Save Animated GIFs to the Computer From a Website

Animated GIFs are a bit like meme because you can express what is going on with them. They are commonly found in forums, email, signatures, Facebook, websites and anywhere that works with .gif files. In addition, they contain several images used as frames to create the animation.

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Top 4 Best Backup and Recovery Apps!

Why do you need the Best Backup and Recovery App? Let’s now you set at the computer working on a big data including documents, photos or images, videos, and other files. You must make sure that all of the data on your computer is safe and secure for 100%. No, it gives no guarantee. If viruses, malware or spyware coming to attack your computer, some of the data you save on your folders maybe lost or hidden. Thus, you need to back up your data before something goes wrong greater and recover your data from the damage after being attacked by the viruses. Herein, some Backup and Recovery Apps is needed to protect your data on your PC and to provide the backup.

Considering the importance of the backup and recovery software installation, we have taken the three best apps dealing with the software.

4 Best Backup and Recovery App:

360 Document Protector

If you are considering 360 Document protector for backing up as well as recovering your data, you might choose the right software. This software is actually very powerful to protect the documents. It has a feature of monitoring and backing-up automation. It also prevents any threats come to hijack your important files or data.

Moreover, document Protector Works well in this software. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the malware infection as well as virus attack. Download this software for free by providing memory not more than 5.9 MB.


Other Backup and Recovery App is 7-Zip. 7-Zip is very popular and widely used because of its comprehension ratio. You can actually receive opened compressed files without hassle. If you work for a commercial organization, this software can be very helpful. There are always new versions released for the users, thus, don’t miss any new version. Download it now for free at FileHorse Software.

Acronis Backup

Acronis Backup is also listed as one of the Best Backup and Recovery App to install on your PC and protect your precious data. This backup and recovery app is the most reliable and easy-to-use app so that it is widely used all over the world. This software is also very suitable to install on your computer especially if you are working for big business. It is because the software has a feature of business protection along with the complete and reliable backup which includes images, files and other types of data.

You may get this software app on filehorse and download it for free.

Amazon Drive

Are you looking for Best Backup and Recovery App which doesn’t take too much space? Amazon Drive could be best chosen. It requires only 819.2 KB. This software is providing cloud storage where you can store your photos, images, videos, and many others. Save and backup all of your files right there and feel relief since Amazon Drive offers good protection.


Conclusively, Best Backup and Recovery Apps are very important to protect your data from any restriction such as the virus or malware infection. You can store and safely keep your data there without anxiety.

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