5 Best Stock Trading Apps for Beginner

Stock trading is one business to give big profit for the user. That’s why users of stock trading always increase regularly per year. So, stock trading will be run effectively with applications. Here the list for the best stock trading app for beginners:

1. Investing.com


For investors, beginners should download this application. Investing.com is one of the best stock trading apps for beginners. It provides information about real-time data for more than 100.000 financial instruments that all beginners require about it. So, let’s try to download this application.

One of the advantages of this application is that users can monitor watch lists and personal holdings, and many kinds of features. Such as trend forecasting, global breaking news, currency converter, and account syncing.

2. Jstock for Android

Jstock for Android

Now, almost everyone uses Android. So, it can make it easy to apply stock trading apps for beginners on Android. One of the best apps is Jstock for Android. This application is easy to use. It provides some news about stock market news and watchlist, charting, and dividend management. Now, learning about stock trading can be easier.

Jstock apps also have many kinds of features. Its features about cloud storage integration, dividend chart, unlimited watchlist, notes features that there is a 14-day free trial before buying the premium versions.

3. Stock Quote

Stock Quote

A beginner stock trader must download this application as the best stock trading app for beginners on Android. Stock quotes provide information about good overall. It can be added to any states in the US and international indices. So, it can provide more information.

This application is safe to use cause users should make a password to protect it. Thus, everyone cannot open easily if they don’t know the password. Not only that, but it can also sync with another application to backup data.

4. My Stock Portfolio

My Stock Portfolio

This application has complete features of real-time quotes. It provides detailed information, users can set prices easily, it provides detailed charts and news and sees change over time easily. Users just tap a symbol to get some news about stock trading.

Even, users can track cryptocurrency markets that support bitcoin, lite coins, and many more. Don’t worry to use cause it is completed with a password that it will be safer to use, and users can remove ads if no require it.

5. Thinkorswim Mobile

Thinkorswim Mobile

Another best stock trading app for beginners nowadays is Thinkorswim mobile. It’s easy to use, even in mobile versions. Thus beginners can learn it easily. It’s easy to sync with another device. So, it can provide customized charts.

This application also uses a feature, that’s called paper money. It can provide all beginners to read and traders who play options like this application. Users should register before to use this application, and very welcome to log in after that.

Finding the best stock trading app for beginners nowadays is very easy, but before to download those applications on an Android phone. Now, you can get the mentioned apps at Drivers and Software and get some benefits. So, even beginners can start stock trading right away!