Brother DCP-L5650DN Review and 7 Features You Need To Know!

Brother DCP-L5650DN

When you browse through the internet, trying to find the best printers of the lot, you must read about this. The name is Brother DCP-L5650DN. There are many reviews about it, and so far, we could hardly see the ratings below 4 for this printer. So what makes people really love this Brother printer? Let’s take a look at the features.

Brother DCP-L5650DN Features

Quick and Easy Printer Setup

Rather than other printers, Brother DCP-L5650DN – as well as other Brother printers – has the quickest and easiest setup. Generally, other printers have a manual setup that would difficult new users. However, you could easily use this printer even if it’s your first time.

The setup page of the printer comprises a large touch screen (3.7” width). And the available menu clearly mentions the commands you could choose, such as scanning or printing options.

Very Affordable

When you read the reviews, you wouldn’t believe on the fact that this is the cheapest printer of the kind. Yes, you just need to pay for 200 to 300 dollars to have this. Meanwhile, if you choose other printers with nearly the same qualities, you’ll need to pay at least twice more. So it’s reasonable if you buy this printer to save more money.

High-Quality Photo Printing

You might’ve heard that Brother is one of several brands that make good photo printers. Brother DCP-L5650DN also has a special quality. When you use this, you’ll get a photo printing with quality that nearly reaches the scanning. Not only when you print on black and white, is the quality the same when you print a full-color photo.

Brother DCP-L5650DN Ink Toner

Elegant Design

Brother DCP-L5650DN is one of the printers that have an elegant design. As well as other Brother printers, it has a soft surface. It’s colored in pure black, with a round shape on every of its edge. When you buy this printer, you’re not buying the best printer in function. You also buy a printer that’s beautiful in shape.

Awesome Scan Capabilities

You’ve known that this printer has an outstanding printing capability, especially for photos. Now let’s talk about its scanning machine.

When it comes to scanning, I prefer Brother DCP-L5650DN from the rest. While other all-in-one printers do the scanning with 15-23 images per minute, what this printer does is more than that. It could scan up to 28 images per minute (in black and white), and scan 20 images in full-color. The resolution could reach 19200 dpi.

Easy Wi-Fi Connectivity

This printer has awesome connectivity. You just need to push on the Wi-Fi button and the printer will directly be connected to your device. However, turning on the Wi-Fi on other printers would be harder. Since you need to search for the Wi-Fi setup first on the manual menu.

High Printing Duty per Month

How many duties your former printer could deal? 10 thousand? Change your printers right now and buy Brother DCP-L5650DN instead! This printer has five times duty capability than it. Since it could manage up to 50 thousand printings per month. In short, this printer could be used not only by people from a department. But more than that.

It is all the primary features Brother DCP-L5650DN has. Now, what makes you wait for more? Buy it as fast as you could and feel the differences.