5 Best Stock Trading Apps for Beginner

Stock trading is one business to give big profit for the user. That’s why users of stock trading always increase regularly per year. So, stock trading will be run effectively with applications. Here the list for the best stock trading app for beginners:

1. Investing.com


For investors, beginners should download this application. Investing.com is one of the best stock trading apps for beginners. It provides information about real-time data for more than 100.000 financial instruments that all beginners require about it. So, let’s try to download this application.

One of the advantages of this application is that users can monitor watch lists and personal holdings, and many kinds of features. Such as trend forecasting, global breaking news, currency converter, and account syncing.

2. Jstock for Android

Jstock for Android

Now, almost everyone uses Android. So, it can make it easy to apply stock trading apps for beginners on Android. One of the best apps is Jstock for Android. This application is easy to use. It provides some news about stock market news and watchlist, charting, and dividend management. Now, learning about stock trading can be easier.

Jstock apps also have many kinds of features. Its features about cloud storage integration, dividend chart, unlimited watchlist, notes features that there is a 14-day free trial before buying the premium versions.

3. Stock Quote

Stock Quote

A beginner stock trader must download this application as the best stock trading app for beginners on Android. Stock quotes provide information about good overall. It can be added to any states in the US and international indices. So, it can provide more information.

This application is safe to use cause users should make a password to protect it. Thus, everyone cannot open easily if they don’t know the password. Not only that, but it can also sync with another application to backup data.

4. My Stock Portfolio

My Stock Portfolio

This application has complete features of real-time quotes. It provides detailed information, users can set prices easily, it provides detailed charts and news and sees change over time easily. Users just tap a symbol to get some news about stock trading.

Even, users can track cryptocurrency markets that support bitcoin, lite coins, and many more. Don’t worry to use cause it is completed with a password that it will be safer to use, and users can remove ads if no require it.

5. Thinkorswim Mobile

Thinkorswim Mobile

Another best stock trading app for beginners nowadays is Thinkorswim mobile. It’s easy to use, even in mobile versions. Thus beginners can learn it easily. It’s easy to sync with another device. So, it can provide customized charts.

This application also uses a feature, that’s called paper money. It can provide all beginners to read and traders who play options like this application. Users should register before to use this application, and very welcome to log in after that.

Finding the best stock trading app for beginners nowadays is very easy, but before to download those applications on an Android phone. Now, you can get the mentioned apps at Drivers and Software and get some benefits. So, even beginners can start stock trading right away!


Safely Download Free Software

The development of communication technology feels so great, especially in the computer field. Various kinds of new breakthroughs continue to emerge as if incessant. In the field of computers, of course, it is the most important one because all other technological developments will start here.

But, have we ever thought, actually what components are feeding a computer to be able to carry out various commands and programs. Basically, and simply, the computer consists of three main components, namely brainware, hardware, and software. The computer will not operate without brainware or the user, even if the computer is an automatic computer, there is still an operator behind it.

Then, the computer will also not exist without hardware, which is a device that composes the physical computer and provides certain functions on each computer. And the last is software, where this software is a bridge between hardware and user so its existence is very important.

Basically, software is a program or application that can facilitate human work through computers. Therefore, the software consists of various types if classified according to the function of the program. Simply put, word processing software, for example, can facilitate human work related to writing, as well as image processing software, and so on.

In addition, the software also works through a rather complicated mechanism to be understood by ordinary people. The software works as a delivery command from the user to the hardware. Commands from the user are translated through coding mechanisms and programming languages so that the hardware can be understood and produce the desired results.

Obtaining and Installing Software to Computer

Today, with technological advancements, getting software is very easy. Some developers sell it on their respective sites. In fact, to get the software ‘unofficially’ can be done.

We can download the software even for free. However, of course, because getting the software in such a way is an unofficial method, there will be a haunting risk. For this reason, we need to know several things to minimize the risks that might occur.

Accuracy is the Key

There are many sites that provide free software download services. Keep in mind, not all of these sites actually provide software for free download. This is what we need to be aware of because some of them only impersonate ‘free software providers’ even though they want to harm us by embedding viruses in their files so that they can infect our devices. Therefore, we need to be careful and take precautions. Some of the precautions we can do are as follows.

  • Tighten the firewall

We can enable firewalls in each of our computer’s operating systems because this feature is indeed the default feature of the operating system. In short, each OS has its own firewall. A firewall can function to counteract ‘illegal’ activities that can harm the user.

These illegal activities can come from viruses or malware inserted in the software that we downloaded earlier. By activating the firewall, the software automatically containing the virus will be blocked and cannot function. As a result, even viruses cannot infect computers.

  • Install additional antivirus

There are many software developers who create antiviruses that are effective enough to eradicate all viruses that already infect computers. Even some of them can be obtained free from official developers.

Therefore, make sure that your computer has an antivirus application installed to prevent unwanted things. If we can’t afford a premium antivirus license, there are still many free versions of antivirus programs shared by software developers.

  • Be careful when downloading software

In this case, we rely on ourselves. If we often surf the internet and look for software to download, of course, we can get used to this. At least, we must recognize sites that are really safe to download software for free.

When downloading software, we must be careful to go to the link provided because if we click the link incorrectly, it could be harmful to us. In addition, be careful with ‘traps’ on free software download sites. Usually, we will find lots of download buttons when we find the software we want. However, of course, the original download button is only one.

This ‘trap’ download button usually takes us to a pop-up window containing various advertisements. When we accidentally click the button, the irresponsible party gets a profit. Indeed, the pop-up window does not directly harm us. It’s just that, usually the pop-up window can significantly increase CPU activity which can slow down the performance of the computer, especially computers with low specifications.

Well, so that we don’t get stuck with such stupid things, it’s actually easy. We can check the download button by hovering to the button with the cursor. Links from these buttons will appear in our browser’s status bar. We’ll see if the link is relevant or not with the file we want to download.

In addition, make sure that the free software provider site is truly trusted. There are many sites that provide free software download services, but they work correctly without harming the user. They do not insert harmful programs in their logarithms. For example, the FileHippo Free Software site, they provide a lot of software and we can download it for free. In addition, we also do not need to worry about visiting the site because this site is completely safe.

Lastly, that’s a number of recommendations for downloading software for free. Hopefully, this article will be useful. Good luck!

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Nowadays technology has developed so rapidly. Every device we have like a cell phone is operated through an operating system. Currently, the operating system or OS that is most commonly used for smartphones is Android and iOS. Android is an OS developed by Google, while iOS is an Apple development operating system.

A Brand New Hybrid Game Console


The rapid development of technology provides many impacts on various aspects of life. One of these impacts can be seen from the world of gaming. Some time ago, one of the leading game console manufacturers, Nintendo, had just released an innovation in playing console games, with the release of the Nintendo Switch.

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The technology that developed so rapidly made various electronic devices more compact and easy to use. Recently, portable technology is widely applied to various electronic devices, such as speakers. Now, we don’t even need to plug the power cable in to use the speaker, because, with portable technology, the speaker can be carried anywhere because it uses battery power.