How To Get More Likes From Instagram Captions

Likes From Instagram Captions

Instagram captions are as essential as the pictures you post. While pictures delivering what you want people to see, captions make it more understandable. The more people understand your meaning, the more they would like your post. Eventually, they would glad to see your pictures and even wait for the new.

Get More Likes From Instagram Captions

But how, exactly, to make Instagram captions that earn you more likes? Here are some things you can do.

Set The Target

First and foremost question you have to answer: What is your goal to make an IG account? You can aim for more friends or even popularize your business. Whatever it is, make sure you know what kind of people you want to become your followers. In short, you must set the target.

For example, you’re a newborn fashion designer who wants to introduce your creativity to the world. Then, you have to make captions that show how keen you are in designing clothes. Mention the reasons you make the design, what ideal materials to be used, etc.

Learn About Your Followers

After setting the target, you must learn about who’s people following you. If possible, you can stalk their IG. Is this illegal? No, according to me, if they not private their account. However, if you have some followers react to your posts, don’t hesitate to reply to them. Be kind, especially if you’re still building your popularity.


In this phase, you need to be patient, indeed. But remember to always post regularly, wait for the response. And once you get it, you can use the responses to research your followers,

Use Concise Captions

According to the dictionary, “concise” means saying many things in a few words. This is exactly what you have to accustom. Don’t make your followers fall asleep by endless speech. Once you do that, they would swipe your post right away before even like it.

Many IG influencers said their like decreases when they make caption with more than 50 words. So make sure you can express many things as simple as possible.

Add Relatable Hashtags

This tip might be tricky. Still, it’s not a fault for you to apply it. When you want to get more likes, make sure your post can reach people as many as possible. To do this, you can add more hashtags on the captions. However, make sure you just add hashtags that are related to what you share. It’s exaggerating (also embarrassing) if you use #GoGreen hashtag for fashion posts, right?

Write (Only) Attractive Things

What does it mean actually, to become attractive? Many people define it differently. But in this article, what I mean “attractive” is surely for your followers. If you used to post smart and inspiring things, for example. It will disturb your followers if suddenly you said meaningless things. Be consistent with how you behave and interact with your followers. If you could do so, your followers will be more engaged. At last, you would get more likes.

It is all the tip to get more likes from Instagram captions. The key to connect with followers is the captions you use. If you can post beautiful things and write powerful captions, there’s no reason you couldn’t get more likes.

8 Steps Of How To Hide Likes On Facebook

Facebook Like

Sometimes people used to like some page. But maybe you don’t want people to know what you’ve been liked before. Now, hiding it is possible, here are some steps of how to hide likes on facebook.

How To Hide Likes On Facebook

  1. Log in To Website

The first step of how to hide likes on facebook is logging in to website. Use the desktop site to do this. Enter Then, type the email or phone number at the username form. After that type the right password.

After that, you will see the home page. But the options to hide likes is not there.

  1. Open The Profile Page

You can see your profile photo on the homepage. Then click it. You will redirect to the profile page. In this page, you will find a lot of buttons and your own post.

The liked page is inside the about section. So you need to reach those options button.

  1. Tap The More Button

The more options to adjust the privacy, security and everything about your account is in this button. Tap or click the more button, which is located below the cover photo.

It is a line with timeline, about, friends, photo and archive button. The more button is at the end of the line.

  1. Choose Likes

After clicking the more button you will find a lot of choices. There are options to set other sections. For example, archive, video, people you follow and etc.

To hide the likes, choose likes button. Then you will see a page which contains a list of your liked page.

  1. Tap The Edit Button

The next things to do is tap the edit button. This button has no “edit” text there. But you can see the pencil symbol in it. It located below the more button that you have clicked before.

  1. Choose Edit The Privacy Of Your Likes

Then, you will face 4 options after clicking this button. They are, hide section, activity log, edit your likes privacy and edit your following privacy.

Choose the edit your likes privacy button. Then you will move to other options.

  1. Choose Privacy Level

You will see some privacy level. For example, movies, television, books, sports and anything else. In every list, there is a button that resembles a globe. It means that your privacy setting is still in public. It makes anyone can see what page did you like.

Click that globe button. There will be 4 choices. They are public, friends, only me and special privacy options. You already know what public means, then if you choose this, you still not hide the likes. If you choose friends, it means all of your Facebook friends can see your likes.

  1. Tap Only Me

only me facebook

Then choose only me. This option will hide all the page you liked from anyone at Facebook. You are the only one who knows what page did you like before.

Those 8 steps of how to hide likes on facebook, may seem too long, but actually, it can be done in 5 minutes, depending on your connections. Hiding something from the internet is your right. So don’t be worry to hide something, especially if you think that those things are secret or sensitive.

How To Save Animated GIFs to the Computer From a Website

Animated GIFs are a bit like meme because you can express what is going on with them. They are commonly found in forums, email, signatures, Facebook, websites and anywhere that works with .gif files. In addition, they contain several images used as frames to create the animation. Moreover, the animation loops continuously provide the effect. This is why people like to know how to save animated GIFs to the computer from a website.

Before we go further to how to save the animated GIF, let’s find out what a GIF is. A .gif stands for Graphics Interchange Format. It is an 8-bit format supporting up to 256 colors using RGB. Nowadays, it is so popular with animation.

How To Save Animated Gifs To The Computer From a Website

The Internet is full of the great GIF. images which are also available as free animated GIFs. In addition, you can also download them and use them on your web pages. However, when you copy or save an animated GIF, all you get is a static frame from the animated GIF file.

Thus, you need to know the right method to copy and paste an animated GIF if you need them. In addition, you need to know how to save animated gifs to the computer from a website.

Open your web browser

Open the website where you can find the GIF that you need. Moreover, you can save your GIFs in any browser like Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, Chrome and so on.

Choose the GIF

There are many search engines that you can use to find a GIF such as Google, Bing or Myway. After that, open the website and choose the GIF that you want to save.

Right-click the GIF

Now, it’s time to put your cursor in your chosen GIF. Make sure that you click the animated GIF instead of the page of the website. In addition, you can put your cursor in the middle of part of your animated GIF.

Click “Save Image As…”

After that, you can click “Save Image As…” to direct you to the file location where you want to save your animated GIF. However, in some browser, you will find “Save Picture As…” because it has a different name in any browsers.

Open the destination folder where you want to save the image
Well, in this step you can open the folder or pick a file location where you want to keep the animated GIF in your personal computer.

Click “Save”

Finally, after you decide the file location and the name of your animated GIF then you need to click “Save”. After clicking it, your animated GIF has already stored on your computer and ready to use. Now you know how to save animated gifs to the computer from a website, and you can apply it anytime.

Websites That You Can Visit If You Want More Animated GIFs

If you are new here and have no idea where to go to get the animated GIFs, don’t worry. I am here to share you some website that you can use as your references to find the GIF. Well, here are some websites that you can visit if you want more animated GIFs.

  • This website provides you funny animated GIFs and different characters.
  • Here, you can find some pictures packed in an animated GIF which will blow your mind.
  • Well, there are many funny cartoon characters packed as an animated gift here.
  • In this website, you will find the most popular gift which is used nowadays, especially animated GIF with a pet as the meme.

I hope this article helps you to find out how to save animated GIFs to the computer from a website.

[Answer] How To Connect AirPods to Mac

Have you ever known How To Connect AirPods to Mac? Considering the major benefits offered by Apple Gadget to the customers, you have to know that the interconnectivity is very crucial to know. Due to the recent complaint about the users’ difficulty to connect AirPods to Mac, I am going to share you some applicable steps of how to connect your AirPods to your Mac.

Although AirPods often appear to get paired on Mac successfully, other times some of the users’ AirPods are not successfully connected to their Macs. Herein, on this page, you will be presented an article about How To Connect AirPods to Mac which is divided into three different parts. Those are:

Find Out The 3 Best Ideas How To Connect AirPods to Mac:

Part 1: Connecting AirPods to MacBook Air/Pro

The earlier ways of connecting AirPods to Mac in this first part is to connect the AirPods to MacBook Air/pro. Since the AirPods are designed to have automatic connectivity with any device which is linked to your iCloud account, you must be thankful. However, it can’t always work well. In order to have it fixed, you can be able to pair them manually by following some steps below:

  • Open your AirPods charging case carefully.
  • Press the small button on the back a bit longer until you see it the blinking LED pops up.
  • Turn on your Bluetooth on your Mac.
  • Open the Bluetooth Preference options.
  • Let your Mac Bluetooth scan until you see the AirPods Bluetooth.
  • Click your AirPods’ pair button on your Mac.
  • You are finished.

Part 2: Fixing AirPods Which Is Not Connected to Mac

If you have any problem in connecting the AirPods to Mac, here are the 6 ways you can try:

1. First way

The first way you must carry out is to update your Mac to the lattes available version. Search and find the Software update button.

2. Second way

The second way is to charge both the AirPods and its charging case. This is very important.

3. Third way

Thirdly, don’t use the AirPods Bluetooth device on Mac.

4. Fourth way

The fourth way requires your Mac to connect to another output choice which may affect the connection to your AirPods.

5. Fifth way

The most important step is the fifth way which is to reset your AirPods connectivity with your Mac.

6. Sixth way

The last is to connect your AirPords manually.

Part 3: Fixing AirPods Which Is Not Connected to iPhone (An additional tip)

The third part of How To Connect AirPods to Mac is to fix the AirPods which is not connected to iPhone. It is mostly because of an error. What you have to do here is that you must consider the way you use the software to fix the iPhone’s operating system.


All in all, when you experience a disconnection between your AirPods and your Mac, don’t hesitate to come back to this tips of How To Connect AirPods to Mac. The 3 ideas described above hopefully be able to help you overcome the problem related to connecting your AirPods to Mac and enjoy your favorite music like on best Harman Kardon Bluetooth Speaker.