8 Steps Of How To Hide Likes On Facebook

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Sometimes people used to like some page. But maybe you don’t want people to know what you’ve been liked before. Now, hiding it is possible, here are some steps of how to hide likes on facebook.

How To Hide Likes On Facebook

  1. Log in To Website

The first step of how to hide likes on facebook is logging in to website. Use the desktop site to do this. Enter www.facebook.com. Then, type the email or phone number at the username form. After that type the right password.

After that, you will see the home page. But the options to hide likes is not there.

  1. Open The Profile Page

You can see your profile photo on the homepage. Then click it. You will redirect to the profile page. In this page, you will find a lot of buttons and your own post.

The liked page is inside the about section. So you need to reach those options button.

  1. Tap The More Button

The more options to adjust the privacy, security and everything about your account is in this button. Tap or click the more button, which is located below the cover photo.

It is a line with timeline, about, friends, photo and archive button. The more button is at the end of the line.

  1. Choose Likes

After clicking the more button you will find a lot of choices. There are options to set other sections. For example, archive, video, people you follow and etc.

To hide the likes, choose likes button. Then you will see a page which contains a list of your liked page.

  1. Tap The Edit Button

The next things to do is tap the edit button. This button has no “edit” text there. But you can see the pencil symbol in it. It located below the more button that you have clicked before.

  1. Choose Edit The Privacy Of Your Likes

Then, you will face 4 options after clicking this button. They are, hide section, activity log, edit your likes privacy and edit your following privacy.

Choose the edit your likes privacy button. Then you will move to other options.

  1. Choose Privacy Level

You will see some privacy level. For example, movies, television, books, sports and anything else. In every list, there is a button that resembles a globe. It means that your privacy setting is still in public. It makes anyone can see what page did you like.

Click that globe button. There will be 4 choices. They are public, friends, only me and special privacy options. You already know what public means, then if you choose this, you still not hide the likes. If you choose friends, it means all of your Facebook friends can see your likes.

  1. Tap Only Me

only me facebook

Then choose only me. This option will hide all the page you liked from anyone at Facebook. You are the only one who knows what page did you like before.

Those 8 steps of how to hide likes on facebook, may seem too long, but actually, it can be done in 5 minutes, depending on your connections. Hiding something from the internet is your right. So don’t be worry to hide something, especially if you think that those things are secret or sensitive.