Update Your OS to the Latest One!

Nowadays technology has developed so rapidly. Every device we have like a cell phone is operated through an operating system. Currently, the operating system or OS that is most commonly used for smartphones is Android and iOS. Android is an OS developed by Google, while iOS is an Apple development operating system.

Both of these operating systems continue to undergo development over time, giving birth to the latest OS versions. Currently, the Android operating system has released the latest version, version 8.0, called Pie. Meanwhile, iOS itself has the latest version, iOS 11.4.1.

Tips for Updating OS

Well, have you used the latest version of the operating system? If not, and want to update the operating system, there are several things you need to pay attention to. For Android and iOS operating systems, it turns out that not all devices can be compatible with the latest OS version. For example, Android 9.0 does not support older released Android phones. Likewise, with iOS, only the iPhone, iPad and iPod are just compatible with iOS 11.4.1.

However, if you don’t encounter the above problems, then congratulations! You are ready to update your OS. That means, your device is compatible to update the operating system. Before updating the OS, it’s a good idea to do the following things, regardless of what OS you are using.

  • Backup Your Phone

Before updating the OS, make sure you back up data on your cell phone, especially important data. This is needed to prevent unwanted things. By doing a backup, we can recover data on the device after updating the OS, because usually, the OS update process will delete all existing data so that when the update is complete, the cell phone will be as new.

No matter what device you use, and what operating system is running, always backup your data before updating the OS. Both Android and iOS have cloud storage for users to back up their data. Take advantage of the facilities provided by the developer!

  • Use Wi-Fi

This is also one of the important things in updating the OS. Basically, when we update the OS, this means we will download a new operating system and then install it on our device. Well, usually the files that we need to download in updating this OS have a large size. Therefore, we need an unlimited internet connection and of course stable.

Why do we need a stable connection? The downloading process when updating the operating system must not be interrupted. If broken, then we must repeat it from the beginning. Of course, we don’t want our efforts to be in vain, right?

Then, why also have to use unlimited connections? The file that we will download has a relatively large size. Besides we do not want the process to stop in the middle of the road, of course, we do not want to spend our data package only for OS updates. Therefore, we need Wi-Fi to update the OS.

  • Plug in the Device

As previously mentioned, the OS update process, both Android OS and iOS, should not be interrupted. Besides internet connection, of course, the most influential is the power itself. Make sure our phone stays on when updating the operating system.

In order for the phone to stay on during the process, we can plug the cell phone into a power source so that the cell phone battery remains charged during the operating system update process. This can prevent unwanted things.

Well, those are 3 important things that we need to do to update the operating system that the device that we have. Be sure to always do the 3 basic things above before updating the OS, regardless of what device is used and what OS is running.