How To Fix Steam Disk Write Error In Your PC

How To Fix Steam Disk Write Error

Having an error in a device will be a terrible moment including the error which happens to steam. Steam is one of the popular gaming websites of gaming. You may play or buy a game on this website. Moreover, you are also able to discuss games with some people about games. But, sometimes there is some problem which disturbs the activity of people in steam. Some of them are not available to access or download the game because of the Steam Disk write error. So, how to fix Steam Disk write error?

The Steam Disk writes error commonly happens when you download or upgrade a game in your steam. Of course, this error is the same as the other game which is disturbing. But, this error is still able to fix by the following steps:

How To Fix Steam Disk Write Error

1. Run the Administrator

Run the Administrator Steam.exe

The first way to fix Steam Disk write error is running the administrator. First of all, you need to find the location of the steam on your PC. Commonly, it is located in system C, program files. After finding the steam, open the steam.exe by double click. After that, choose the option properties. Find the compatibility in properties. Make sure that the option ‘Run this program as an administrator has ticked. Then, click the option ‘apply’ and re-run the steam. After conducting those steps, the Steam Disk write error has been fixed.

2. Delete All Of The 0 Kb Files

Another way that you can apply to fix the Steam Disk write error is by deleting all of the 0kb files. First, open the steam program in your PC such as the previous. Then, open the steam, steam apps and choose the option common. Like magic, you have done deleting all of the 0kb files in your steam. When you face the same Steam Disk write error after installing or upgrading the new game, you might apply this way to fix the Steam Disk write error.

3. Deleting The Files Of Corruption In Log

The third way to fix Steam Disk write error is by deleting the files of corruption. This way is a little bit more complicated than the previous one. First, go to the steam on your PC. Then, choose the option logs and content log. Open the content log and look for the word “failed to write”. In that option, you will find the list of the name of the issue. Then, delete the corrupted file by following the steps shown on your PC. After deleting the corrupted file, you need to re-download and re-upgrade the corrupted files.

These are the elaborations about how to fix Steam Disk write error. It is better if you find and fix the error or any problem in your steam immediately to minimize the side effect of the broken files. Error in PC or any device is a common situation. The error will be disturbed but error it stills able to fix depending on how you fix the error and how long the error was in your PC.

Lemongrass Benefits as the Herbal Medicine

Lemongrass Benefits

Lemongrass is a native tropical plant which easily found in Asia or the Indian subcontinent. But if you know how to harvest lemongrass and follow the steps properly, you can grow it at home garden or inside the containers. There are many lemongrasses uses whether in dried or fresh. If you want to add lemongrass in your dishes, you can use it in dried, fresh, or powdered leaves. Some others brew the lemongrass to make herbal tea or other drinks.

Knowing the benefits of lemongrass, this stalky plant is also used as medicine. The popular one is lemongrass essential oil which is believed to reduce stress and boost the mood. It is applied to anyone who has a sleeping problem, headaches or migraines, or a lack of immunity. Actually, there are still many lemongrasses uses for health. You can find the others below:

  1. Antimicrobial

Thanks to lemongrass which keeps your mouth clean. Chewing lemongrass is another way to get rid of infections and cavities. Lemongrass has the ability to against Streptococcus mutans bacteria, a thing that responsible for tooth decay. If you feel strange chewing lemongrass in the stalk, you can drink in a tea.

  1. Reduce Cancer Risk

Cancer has been the most frightening and deadly disease. Surprisingly, lemongrass is able to help against some cancer cell lines. It is one of lemongrass uses as a medicine. Whether the lemongrass contents kill cancer cells or boost the immune system, your body will get a better ability to fight cancer. Also, in several therapies, lemongrass is used during chemotherapy and radiation. But of course, it is under the guidance of the professional (oncologist).

  1. Help Digestive Problems

Commonly people solve their digestive problems by taking more fibers. By knowing the lemongrass uses, maybe you can try to smell lemongrass now. It could be as the essential oil or the aroma of brewing lemongrass. Stomach cramping and other digestive problems will be effectively reduced. Another study had found that lemongrass can help stomach lining damage, just like aspirin and ethanol does.

  1. Reduce High Blood Pressure

Potassium is highly contained in lemongrass. This mineral is very useful in lowering your blood pressure. Also, potassium can increase the stimulation of blood circulation. If it happens in your body, your liver will be purified. More than that, lemongrass can limit cholesterol too. Thus, of course, promote your body healthier.

  1. Regulate Cholesterol

We have mentioned a little about lemongrass and cholesterol in the previous number. Yes, consuming lemongrass, especially as a tea, can reduce your cholesterol level. Some others take lemongrass essential oil as their daily menu. Whether you take lemongrass in drinks or oil, both give you the same effect in regulating cholesterol.

  1. Relieve PMS

Menstrual cramp is always an issue for every woman. Having lemongrass tea could be one of the best solutions. Besides relaxing, lemongrass will shoot its anti-inflammatory properties. This is very useful in cooling your body and calming your mood. Even though there is still no proven study about it, drinking a warm lemongrass tea could relax.

There is no standard dose in making lemongrass as a tea or herbs medicine. If you desire an exact dose, you can consult the herb health practitioner or a doctor. To limit the risk, you might start with a stalk in a cup of tea. Stop consuming lemongrass once you get a bad side effect. But so far there is no fatal effect from lemongrass uses.

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Top 4 Best Email Apps for Android

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Either for personal or professional purpose, email has been one of the most essential means for sending and receiving electronic mails, especially in formal situations. In fact, you need to have an email address in order to sign up to or create certain accounts such as social media.